Black Friday Wheel 2023

Pre Thanksgiving Fortune Wheel



$30 OFF


打開網站左邊 "SPIN TO GET $30"

Open the "SPIN TO GET $30" left hand side


填寫電郵後,按 "SPIN IT",您所抽中的優惠碼將顯示於下頁

Fill in your email to join. Result will be shown on the next page.



IMMEDIATELY copy or record the coupon code as it only shows once and no reissuance.

活動期至 2023/11/22 23:59 


1 打開網站左邊 "SPIN TO GET $30" 

2 填寫電郵後,按 "SPIN IT",您所抽中的優惠碼將顯示於下頁顯示。

3 請在抽中優惠碼後立即複製或記錄下來,因為系統只顯示一次。如果您遺失了優惠碼,將無法獲得補發。


- 幸運輪盤折扣優惠碼到期日:2023/11/22 23:59 

- 使用幸運輪盤折扣優惠碼,您需要在購物時達到滿100澳元的金額限制。
- 在結帳時,請將您所獲得的優惠碼填寫在購物車頁面的 "Coupon Code"(優惠碼)欄位。

- 不能同時使用其他優惠碼




The promotion period ends on November 22, 2023, at 11:59 PM 


1. Open the website and locate "SPIN TO GET $30" on the left side.
2. Fill in your email and click "SPIN IT." The discount code you receive will be displayed on the next page.
3. After obtaining the discount code, please IMMEDIATELY COPY or RECORD it. The system only displays it once, and if you lose the code, it cannot be reissued.


Additional Information:

- The expiration date for the Lucky Wheel discount code is November 22, 2023, at 11:59 PM.
- To use the Lucky Wheel discount code, your purchase must reach a minimum of £65.
- During checkout, enter the received discount code in the "Coupon Code" field on the shopping cart page.
- Only one coupon code at a time.

If you have any other questions, please contact for assistance.